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HISLO is a mobile application that gives the users a feeling

of time travel. This creates an entirely new dimension to

the person’s experience of the world. It enables historical

locations to come back to life, as if they were never

affected over time. HISLO does not only focus on the location,

but on the path itself as well. This app takes the users

on a journey, and provides them with the whereabouts of

the location. In addition, social media has been added to the

mobile app, so that users can communicate easily, and they

can stay up-to-date with their friends. In addition, with the

integration of social networking aspects, the value and

awareness of historical sites will increase. HISLO is unique

in functionality and design compared to other apps of the

same caliber. It is meant to be a practical contribution in its

field as it is using augmented reality methods that enriches

and deepens the experience of the users, showing the full

structure of the landmark in augmented 3D. Finally, by

using HISLO, the app will not only enhance the experience

for the users, but also open new frontiers to preserve the



Augmented Reality (AR)


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